Venom rating announced

venom 2018

I’ve been following the Venom movie pretty closely, especially since the rumors began that it was going to be rated R. With the huge successes of Deadpool , Deadpool 2 , and Logan as well as the fact it wasn’t a part of the MCU I imagined it’d be no problem getting a R rating. Well, it’s PG-13 which is pissing off much of the nerd community. I understand, the first thought that comes to mind is the watered down, corny Venom of Spider-man 3 ; another foul taste that comes to mind is the unwise choice of making The Dark Tower PG-13. While the Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises made the absolute most of there PG-13 ratings, I have to admit I’m seriously doubtful now about this movie. I think Tom Hardy will be great, I think the creature effects will be great, but everything else will be played out. I pray I’m wrong, but time will tell. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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3 thoughts on “Venom rating announced”

  1. I’m so conflicted on how I feel about this movie…
    Tom Hardy and Riz Ahmed are some of my favourite actors in the industry, and they’re both looking good from the trailers.
    Which themselves have looked really good so far, venom looks like he has been pulled straight from the comics.

    I actually don’t mind the rating, as I think they do plan to bring Venom into the MCU, so with that rating it makes it possible.

    We dont need blood, gore and F bombs to get a good Venom movie. Venom never really been about that in the first place.

    But its just the fact that this is a Sony movie, that makes me doubt how good the movie will be and if it will end up worth being watching

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