The Wolverine

the wolverine

This is one of those rare times I’m pretty damn divided on what I think and feel about a movie. Certainly not the colossal dumpster fire X Men Origins: Wolverine was, but nowhere near as raw and unrestrained as Logan was, I think it’s safe to call this the middle child of the Wolverine trilogy.

The film begins in WW2. Logan saves the life of a Japanese soldier by shielding him from missile fire that would have surely killed him. In astonishment, the soldier watches Logan regenerate before his eyes. He promises to repay our favorite clawed mutant one day. Fast forward to present day and Logan is drifting, alone after the events of X Men: The Last Stand , mourning the deaths of Prof. X, Cyclops, and especially Jean Grey. He is sick of not being able to die. The soldier he saved is dying now of old age, and offers Logan a chance to finally die by curing him of his regenerative ability. Suddenly he finds himself getting caught up in an adventure through Japan, vulnerable and kicking ass as a plot unfolds around him…

This time around, the story, effects, and characters are much better done. Honestly, I liked the movie a lot until the final villain reveal at the end.  Besides it feeling out of left field and tacked on as a way to keep this a standard superhero flick, as a nerd I can tell you it’s pretty damn WTF. Besides the final act, you can 100% tell the Pg-13 rating suffocated this movie. There were times it felt held back and damn I’m sorry but a movie solely about a dude with unbreakable metal claws doesn’t sound kid friendly to me. But, as I said, there was much more heart and appreciation for the characters and source material this time around. I think it’s worth checking out at bargain bin price. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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