Is Subscription Gaming Dangerous?

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Soon Sea of Thieves will be releasing, and if you have Xbox Gamepass you will have options on how you play it. You can either buy it the traditional way or if you pay $10 a month you can play it with the many other games. But, is this a dangerous way to do things? See year after year DVD/Blu ray sales drop little by little as Netflix and Hulu get bigger and bigger. We are at the point some movies never even come out on DVD, they simply go to a streaming service and that is it. Can this happen to gaming? A few years ago all games came out on disk and digital. A few years before that All games came out on disk and a couple on digital. Now days some actually only come out on digital, its simply cheaper.

However, in the future will it be more cost efficient for companies to simply charge money every month to let you play the games they choose for as long as they choose? When you don’t own a game you have no rights to it and they have no responsibilities to you. They don’t have to worry about you pre-ordering games or you getting upset and boycotting over pay to win practices. you will pay your money either way every month as Sony or Microsoft pays them every month to let them have their game. While now it seems cool to play a new game this way, is it possible this is how gaming in the future will be done and the days of buying games are slowly going to die? Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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6 thoughts on “Is Subscription Gaming Dangerous?”

  1. Hmm, interesting. I feel it should be subscription based for certain games, like FIFA. They don’t have to release a new game every year but instead you pay $70 every year and they just revamp the game yearly.

      1. Almost yes, but you don’t get a new copy. It is the same game but revamped every year. Kinda like NBA Live on Mobile.

      2. I think if you aren’t getting a new game the subscription would be cheaper. Its easier to just update a game every year than it would be to create a new game. I do agree tho making a new sports game every single year seems to be overkill.

      3. Yeah, maybe $70 was exaggerated. But you get the main idea of what I’m saying.

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