AMC Theater Avengers: Infinity War Marathon


So True Believers, what’s the ultimate way to celebrate the epic event which is Avengers 3? How about a 12 film marathon leading up the climax. When Savior told me about this, I was willing to tell my job to suck my $%^& and run to celebrate a decade of the MCU. Well, as the title of this post indicates, this marathon is at AMC theaters, which before writing this bummed us out mainly because the closest AMC is about an hour away. But Alas, upon further research this marathon will only be taking place in two specific theaters: AMC Empire 25 in New York and AMC Disney Springs 24 in Florida. If you are a Marvel fan in the immediate area, this event seems like the perfect way to celebrate. More info, including the film listing and dates, can be found at AMC’s official website and tickets are still available. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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