Survivors Guide To Prison (2017)

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This isn’t actually a movie, it’s a documentary. It follows the struggle of innocent men sent to jail for crimes they clearly didn’t commit,but were charged and found guilty with anyway and how they eventually were set free. This happens far more often that you would think, but rarely do people ever get out.

The movie also gives tips for if you find yourself in this situation, such as getting a good lawyer, not discussing your case with other inmates or assuming any of them are your friends and remaining silent because much of it will be used against you and twisted by many. All of this is very good advice and actually the same advice any lawyer would give you.

The movie has a lot of information, far too much for me to pass along without this post being thousands of words long. If you are simply interested in the cases followed they are Bruce Lisker and Reggie Cole but I do recommend checking this out. It was an interesting and somewhat emotional watch with some valid points that many people may be unaware of, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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