Cleveland Browns Snap 19 game Winless streak


Its Christmas Eve 2016, I only have 2 kids. The Savior Gaming blog doesn’t exist. Donald Trump hadn’t become President yet ( tho he had won the election) and the Las Vegas Knights have not played a single Hockey game yet. This is just some of the things that were going on the last time The Cleveland Browns had won an NFL football game (for my overseas readers that is American Football) 18 games straight they had lost. Then the tie the Pittsburgh Steelers. Cleveland celebrated like they had won the Super Bowl. There were drinks, and parties. Totally serious. They had managed to stop one of the top NFL teams from beating them and were excited.

This week they played the New York Jets. The fans are excited, the team is excited. Surely they gave the Steelers a run for their money, they can beat the Jets a good but far weaker team. Right? It didn’t appear so. Late in the game the Browns were losing and it was business as usual, until it wasn’t. The Browns had tied the game.

A bit later the Jets with 9 minutes to go had retaken the lead, and this is a situation the Browns had been in many times in the past 19 games. But not this time. No this time it seems like the gaming gods themselves has written this ending. The Browns wouldn’t dominate to break this streak. No there were dropped passes and a penalty costing the Browns a game winning touchdown. The excitement and fear ended when the Browns finally took the lead, and a pair of interceptions at the end of the game let them keep it. What was last seen in Christmas Eve 2016, the Browns had won.

Now I know this is a gaming blog that covers general nerd things like movies and comics. And don’t count on me covering sports, tho I do watch them. Hell I am an Eagles fan and mock the Browns like most other football fans. This however was a story that was too good not to tell. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Author: Savior699

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