Why Clark Kent Should Have Told More People He Was Super Man.

The main issue I have always had with Super Man is quite simple, he was essentially invincible. There was never any sort of real threat to him except that he allowed it. His powers are well documented to the point we don’t need to go over them, and even if we did I would miss a few and someone would show up and mention how in issue #xxx he did some random thing or how before issue #xxx he couldn’t do this or that something was in the multiverse and doesn’t count.

Here is why I say he allowed the dangers to him. Any threat that could possibly come his way he could stop before it gets as far as it does. He could easily use his heat vision to destroy or kill well before anyone with kryptonite gets close enough for it to matter. His speed allows him to escape just about any situation before it matters. So why does this translate to he should have told more people?

Well for starters to care about Super Man, you need to care about Clark. This makes his friends more important than most characters. Take Smallville for example, possibly the most successful origin story for a comic hero to ever exist. Why was it so successful? Because before he was a hero in metropolis he was just Clark Kent, the farm boy in Smallville. You got to see him as a person with friends and fears as he developed his powers. He was a real person, and you cared about him and his friends.

One of the more interesting story paths of Smallville was his friend Pete discovering his secret and watching the occasional fun use of his powers, but more than that Pete also acted as the occasional counterpoint. Clark was forced to explain why he was using his powers or Pete would tell him not to be careful with their use. This brought an interesting twist to Clark and would have done the same for Superman, and no other heroes don’t count. There is a difference between other heroes and regular people, they all have a different perspective.

Seeing more into the daily life of Clark Kent with his friends convincing him to use or not use his powers or that he should or maybe even hey Clark can you come move this piano. Half the time I got bored with Superman was simply because I couldn’t care less about a hero that created his own problems but would never be in real danger if someone had simply said hey Clark, why don’t you just stop holding back a bit. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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