We All Have Hidden Talents

This post actually isn’t even gaming related if I am being 100% honest. I was talking to a friend and was reminded of an incident at work a few years ago. I worked in a meat department and we were discussing peoples hidden talents and honestly, I wasn’t exactly fond of the people I worked with mostly so I stayed pretty quiet. One guy was saying he could actually see pretty well and really could. One was a pretty great runner locally and did really well in track and field events. He even showed us some of his state times that he posted in local papers from school.

This was when I was unfortunately dragged into the conversation. It was pointed out that my hidden talent was that I was a former pro wrestler. I, of course, pointed out this wasn’t very hidden, they all know. It was on youtube. The point of the conversation was to discuss talents we have that people mostly don’t know about. Nobody knew one of us could sing or was an amazing runner, they all knew I was a crappy wrestler.

I thought this was where the conversation ended since we all got busy but about 2 hours later back in the kitchen area they got on my case again about what I could do. In a moment of annoyance and I told my boss to toss a box across the kitchen to a table.  A bit confused he did it which is when I threw a knife through the box and stuck it to another box. After a moment of silence, I hear “where the fuck did you learn that?” This did require some explaining about how I like to learn weird stuff when I get bored on weekends.

I tell this story not to sound cool or interesting because I am neither of those things. I tell it because to look at me, well here.


That is a pic of me with a creepy Santa me and @torstenvblog found at the mall last Christmas. I don’t look at all talented and certainly don’t look like I would have that talent. So what you should do this weekend is looking at yourself and your friends and ask, what talents do we have? What talents don’t you know your friends have? More importantly, can you learn from them? With the year coming to an end and a new year starting try to better yourself in an unusual way. My talents really serve no use, mostly just fun things I learned for the hell of it. I do however enjoy them, so learn something even if it isn’t “useful”, it may just be something to talk about. Best wishes and may the gamin gods bring you glory.

Author: Savior699

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