Almost Podcast time

Ok now Admittedly I wanted to get this started by now but with the holidays and some technical difficulties, things got pushed back a bit. That being said we are getting ready to start recording these things.  The plan is for them to be about an hour long and them to be released every 2 weeks until we see how they go. They will be the pretty standard format of just gaming and nerd related stuff much like the blog itself is tho we want to have a sort of questions and answer time. So please feel free to shoot us a message on Twitter or facebook or even an email and we will answer your questions as time allows. Feel free to ask about anything you want and unless you say otherwise we will keep all names and such private. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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14 thoughts on “Almost Podcast time”

      1. Before: “I’m not sure I’m going to be read for this…”
        During: “Why the hell did I sign up for this?!”
        After: “That was the best thing ever – when can we do the next one?”

        Once you’ve done one, you get the bug. 😉

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