Why Reboots Really Shouldn’t Bother You

Now let me get this out of the way first, everyone including myself is guilty of this seeing a reboot being made and thinking aw damn it and just hating it. Hell, I still dog Power Rangers 2017. Said it looked dumb from day one, saw the movie and still thought it. Thought IT would suck and was very wrong. That being said the newest thing is the live action Alladin, people are hating Genie.


I think he looks like nightmare fuel but hey whatever, that isn’t the point. I loved the original and will watch this regardless. Here is the thing tho and it goes for all remakes. If you watched the original the remake is not made for you, you are not the target audience. I know, it is a hard pill to swallow, but you aren’t the ones these companies are selling to.

I loved the original Alladin, but they aren’t making this for me to relive my childhood, they are making this so my kids can enjoy their version of the movie I watched. It isn’t limited to this one either. IT, Power Rangers, Godzilla, and the list goes on and on and that is just movies, none of these are really made for fans of the original they are made to attract new fans. It is why Godzilla looks so vastly different than he used to. Now sometimes this works out and old fans love it anyway, and many times they are pissed.

This will, of course, upset some people, in fact, a few of you may read this and unfollow my blog. How dare I say these things aren’t made for us or for everyone. Trust me, I know it sucks, it is just the cold hard truth. The older you get, the less they design things specifically for you. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Author: Savior699

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3 thoughts on “Why Reboots Really Shouldn’t Bother You”

  1. I do think reboots get a bad rap, but if there’s an interesting, new direction in which one can take a property, they shouldn’t hesitate doing so. It’s when they don’t that they come across as redundant; viewers have a standard to which they can compare the newer effort, so if it’s lacking in any way, its deficiencies are going to be all the more apparent.

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      1. I do think people need to give a film a chance before judging it. A lot of critics thought A Star is Born was going to be terrible, and every single one of them now looks foolish in hindsight as a result.

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