Ice Wars Comic-Con

This weekend I helped out my good friends at Geek Gizmos (go check out their Twitter that I am trying to get them to use more) and I have to say, it was a really odd weekend, in a good way. I got to meet Tony Atlus and talk to him for a bit and weirdly, watch him use one of our replica toy Master Swords to have a sword fight with 2 small children. They stabbed him with lightsabers and he died. He was a pretty cool guy and in better shape than most 20-year-olds even at over age 60.

Another cool meeting was former New York Ranger Chris Kotsopoulos, as a huge hockey getting to stand around Sunday morning before everything started and just listen to his old stories and chat about how the sport has changed and even stayed the same was great. He told me what it was like to see Wayne Gretzky on the ice, or how he and the guys would go out drinking the night before then have to get up the next day for morning skate take a nap and till manage to play a game.

Two more people I got to meet but sadly didn’t get to talk to as much as I would have liked was Andrew “The Reinforcer” Anderson, a professional wrestler and appeared in Gotham and was involved in The Wrestler. He was a fun guy to be around and getting a guy that appeared in a DC show playfully hit his friend with Thor’s hammer was pretty fun in its own right. I also got a good laugh at him asking a group of guys “Hey you like wrestling?” and when they said yes yelling” Then what the fuck are you doing get to my table!” with a big laugh. The group spent about 20 minutes with him and got some pictures taken. The other was Jessica Felice of Take Out and All American Girl, two things I admit I had never seen but she was a sweetheart and very friendly. She even swung by our booth just to say hey and introduce herself.

The experience was great, and getting to hang out with my old bosses and friends from my days at Gamestop was great. So if you need any geek products like this Destiny Ghost.


or maybe a Hand Made Wand.


Go check out Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Also full disclosure, Geek Gizmos does NOT pay me in any way for this, they are just some friends with some cool stuff I thought you guys may enjoy.

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