Time to Blame Games, Again.

It seems like every year this happens. We get a mass shooting and a politician blames video games. Ok, I live in America, we get a mass shooting every week or two. The blaming video games thing tho doesn’t quite happen every time. They break it out here and there like your mother breaks out the fine china to impress a house guest, usually right around election time. It makes things look better to the people they want to impress than they actually are. Most of them realize games don’t actually cause violence. There are dozens of studies that show it, here I will link a few.

University of Oxford

APA Review

Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Now if you don’t want to bother reading all three of those links, which I understand, the general idea is simple. There might be some link between increased aggression similar to how watching a football or hockey game will increase aggression, causing trash-talking or yelling and maybe the occasional fight, but they aren’t causing large scale violence or criminal activity. Hell, we have all seen fights at the grocery store, does that mean buying waffles causes mass shootings or crime? No, clearly not. So why are so many people willing to accept games cause mass shootings but not accuse movies of doing it or football games creating NFL players? Well, honestly it is easy.

People desperately want an answer to why these things happen and want to know how we make it end, but they don’t want to risk sacrificing anything that affects them. So what better scapegoat than video games? Many older people don’t play them, most don’t understand them and see no benefit to them and they sure as hell don’t respect the people that play or create them.

It is easy to cling on to faulty research from decades ago or beliefs that didn’t pan out, but it is hard to abandon those for new information. Video games don’t cause mass shootings, guns in the hands of psychos do. Guns in the hands of fanatics do. I’m not just picking on guns, giving psychos and fanatics knives or air places would have the same results. Video games, however, are not a cause. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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6 thoughts on “Time to Blame Games, Again.”

  1. It really annoys me that you get people that still use video games as a scapegoat, rather than deal with the very real problems America has always had, lack of fun control. Really great post that gets to the point.

    1. I know you clearly meant gun control, but that is the single greatest typo my page has ever had, and I thank you for making it. I needed that laugh this morning lol i whole heartedly agree. The worst part is I’ve never actually met anyone that wants to take guns away from everyone. They just want to make sure the people with the guns are sane and properly trained. Even our military does this before handing them out.

      1. It is just so unprofessional and unbelievable that politicians would rather ignore the issue than try to at least compromise and begin to update and add restrictions or tests before you are able to get ahold of such a deadly weapon.

      2. Its easy to be unprofessional when your donors that keep you in office want you doing these things sadly. Morals aren’t exactly high for these people.

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