Super Bowl 2020

For the United States, there may not be a bigger sporting event than the Super Bowl. This year saw the Kansas City Chiefs vs the San Fransico 49ers.  Yes, I also realize the picture is of Shakira and J-Lo. They performed the halftime show and I figured why not toss them in. They did a great show plus they are pretty hot. (Yes I know I shouldn’t say that but I will)

The game itself was pretty great and went back and forth a few times. The 4th quarter tho was all Kansas City making a huge comeback and winning 31-20.

The game wasn’t without controversy tho and it really never is honestly. There were some bad/ blow calls in the game, but that’s in all sporting events but none of them seemed so atrocious that they should be seen as game-altering or suspicious, at least to me. I had no dog in this fight so to speak tho and just wanted an exciting game which is exactly what I got. S best wishes, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Author: Savior699

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