What I hope FF7 Remake keeps

Final Fantasy 7

This is just a list of things I hope the remake of Final Fantasy 7 keeps. Hopefully you will add to it some at the bottom.

First and foremost i REALLY would like them to keep the chocobo breeding/racing portion. Not that it was all that in depth or hard by todays standards, but 1997 me couldn’t get enough of it. The feeling of finally getting the gold chocobo is a feeling i will never forget.

It goes without saying i’d love the materia system to stick around. It was simple yet complicated in all the right ways. Figuring out that the counter materia would counter with a command materia like deathblow was great.

The enemy skill materia was another one that as a kid maybe I under utilized a little to much but playing through again later I thought was way more fun than it should be.

The last thing I hope stays is the hidden characters. I know, it seems like a weird thing to have to say but with the extended FF7 universe I legitimately  feel like Vincent and Yuffie will become standard recruited people as opposed to people you had to earn. Not that either was exactly overly powerful or anything of the sort, but it was still getting Vincent out of his coffin and yuffie to actually join you. I’m sure i will update this at some point, but until then thank for joining me and may the gaming gods grant you glory.

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