Beginner Money Making Elite Dangerous


Elite dangerous can be a grind and a half, so here are just a few ways to help make money a little quicker from the start

  1.  The Sidewinder is your starter ship, and its weapons are legitimately useless. They can’t really be sold so toss them into storage. The extra jump range will come in handy.  I did this in open play but you may feel safer in solo.
  2.  Boom missions at the start are the best thing to go for. They are simple missions where you simply deliver items that are given to you. Early on just make sure you plot the course in the galaxy map before you accept the mission, last thing you need is to accept a mission someplace you can’t get to.
  3.  Some of those boom missions also supply free items, sell those for 100% profit.
  4. Unless for whatever reason you happen to like the Sidewinder don’t bother upgrading it, its a waste of money. A few boom missions tho can get you over 100 grand each tho, 2 or 3 of those and you will be set to buy a hauler or eagle with some upgrades. If you want to continue doing boom missions and trading i’d recommend the Hauler or the Eagle for combat.

That’s basically it for the very beginning of the game. After you get the hang of it and can afford a cobra mark 3 is definitely pick one up. its not great at anything, but its good at everything. Now get out there and have some fun. Thanks for joining me, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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