5 Games of Disappointment

dissappointment valley

Every so often we all will look forward to a game and board the hype train full steam ahead, or at least read a bit about it. Sometimes those games either suck, or just were not what we thought they would be. These are five games this happened to me with, in no particular order.

 For Honor

for honor

For Honor is one of those games that had a pretty great concept and nice graphics. It is quite simple, take control of a barbarian,samurai or knight and kill everyone in your path. The controls make that pretty easy to do, however the game itself makes it hard to find or stay in a multiplayer game to the point that many quick playing entirely.

Final Fantasy 13

final fantasy 13

Final Fantasy 13 was on of those games that for me NEEDED to be good to renew my faith in a franchise after a horrible experience with its predecessor. From the looks of it, this was going to do it. Beautiful graphics, plenty of characters, a new world with a rich backstory and so much more. So i’m outside my local Game stop smoking anxiously awaiting my copy.  I rush home, crack open a beer and the disappointment hits me almost immediately. The linear paths, the horrible characters and that god awful battle system. It would be another 7 years or so before my faith in Final Fantasy can even begin to be rebuilt with FF15.

Final Fantasy Advance

final fantasy advance.jpg

Let me start by saying i LOVED final fantasy tactics for the PlayStation 1. To say I was stoked for this game would be an understatement. In fact it is totally possible this is the biggest offender on the list. The first one was a story of a war torn land with amazing characters and interesting battles. This dumpster fire involved killing people by odd and random laws and children. By all means, skip this game.

Dark Souls

dark souls

I heard a ton of great things about this one, such as solid graphics, fun combat and an insane difficulty. Well the graphics for its time were solid, everything else I quickly found to be bullshit. the difficulty comes from broken combat and one of the worst camera systems I have ever encountered. Mot of my deaths involved the camera being stuck causing unscene enemies and my weapon legitimately passing through an enemy but causing no damage. Thankfully later iterations fixed these issues.

Alien Isolation

alien isolation

I knew very little about this game until after its release. A friend of mine talked it up for being a great stealth game that had a pretty good scare factor. I was a bit skeptical but this trusted friend even went so far to buy it for me while it was on sale ( Hey TorstenV how you doing) Now maybe he over hyped it, but almost everything about this game was just bad for me. The graphics of this game weren’t bad, but the game play was slow even for a stealth game, the story was pretty meh and worst of all the game didn’t even scare me. I think a major issue was you had to be a huge fan of the movie series to truly appreciate this game.


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