Among Friends

among friends

So I have to be honest, I thought this was going to be a novelty slasher movie. Like Halloween- the Clue version. Bunch of longtime friends get together for a themed murder mystery party and people would probably get knocked off one by one and we gotta find out who’s who’s the killer, sounds corny right? Hulu and the first fifteen minutes of the movie led me to believe this was the cheese I was in for; I was wrong. So we find out quick who the psycho is and that everyone is drugged and paralyzed, two paralyzed and tripping balls on shrooms and coke, being made to play a fairly messed up game while having there ugly truths exposed and in the open.  There is some pretty good squirm moments, one of which involves cutting off someone’s eyebrow with a vegetable peeler (somehow that bothered me more than seeing a character getting his balls cut out. Weird.) It’s a really short movie, like 80 minutes long so it doesn’t drag. It’s cheesy in a fun kind of way, especially the tripping scene where Michael Biehn (yes Terminator and Aliens, that Michael Biehn shows up.) and there’s a funny take on the Shining where the are Chippindale looking dudes instead of the two little girls and director and horror celebrity Danielle Harris reprising her bloody clown costume from Halloween 4. If you want a unexpectedly good dark comedy, check this out for the good horror fun.

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