Saw 5

saw 5

Why? Why oh why did I have to revisit this particular movie? I promise when we get closer to Halloween I’ll talk about the rest of the Saw series more in depth but for now I’ll go into the movie that derailed me and my friends off of the fan train, a train most people jumped off of for dear life between 4 and 5. First, I’ll get it out of the way, I hate the movie. The traps are blah, the acting sucks, the story is just ridiculous, and the victims are idiots who couldn’t listen to simple instructions. Normally Jigsaw is playfully vague with his victims- it is a game after all- but for once he is as blunt as I am now. he tells these dumbasses precisely what to do and don’t kill each other, work as a team and all will be well. What do they do? try to kill each other right off the bat and wonder why the final trap will probably kill them. It’s a well shot movie…for a Saw movie…I’ll give it that. That’s about it. If you want to keep up with the Saw movies just skip 5 and you’ll be all the happier for it.

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