I know what followers of our blog must be thinking, “Torsten, why are you covering Shrek? Shrek isn’t a horror movie and doesn’t have a superhero in it.”…well, I like other stuff too and it’s a special request by my friend, Hatter, so here you go man.

Shrek is the awesome animated comedy about a scary, ugly, ogre named Shrek who lives in a swamp. He enjoys his solitude and scaring the shit out of trespassers. Well a short, asshole king named Farquad  decides to cast out all of the strange fairy tale creatures out of his kingdom in an attempt to have a perfect kingdom for his perfect queen to be, Fiona. Shrek is pissed when a talking donkey ends up on his land; Shrek inadvertently saves Donkey and begrudgingly let’s Donkey stay until like fifty other creatures show up. Shrek finds out about Farquad’s band and goes to get it repealed with Donkey singing alongside of him. They stumble upon a tournament Farquad is holding to find a knight badass enough to save Fiona from a evil dragon keeping her hostage in a epic lava moated castle. Shrek kicks ass. He wins and Farquad tells him if he can bring him Fiona he’ll get rid of Shrek’s squatters. Shrek and Donkey go through the perilous journey, entrap the dragon  and save Fiona. The trio journey together, and we get to see Shrek and Fiona bond and as well as see Shrek warm up to having friends. He goes to confess his feelings for Fiona  but overhears something she told Donkey about “being a fat, stupid, ugly, ogre.”. Shrek is crushed and gets Farquad to retrieve her and tells Donkey to leave him alone. In the end the two reunite and Shrek has to rescue Fiona and in the end, Shrek finds he wasn’t alone and discovers love’s true form.

Dude, Shrek is a timeless classic, plain and simple. Whether you are a little kid or a grown adult, the humor still sticks either way and has a lot of relate-able deep moments; growing up as a fat weird looking kid as I did, it was cool to have a character that was funny and badass but felt what I did. The characters are all memorable and well developed with great music and animation, Shrek is a must see. May the gaming gods bring you glory and thank you again for the request Hatter, I hope you enjoyed it. If anyone has any requests for Savior or I we’ll do our best to get them out there so leave us a comment below.

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