The Haunting of Silver Falls


The Haunting of Silver Falls is a typical horror movie in every sense of the phrase. The basic plot us a girls parents die, moves to a small town with her Aunt and uncle meets a guy goes to a party. Of course the cops come everyone scatters and the girl finds a mysterious object blah blah blah. The ghost are semi creepy looking and the twist ending is nice and actually unexpected. The acting is well done and unlike most movies I have seen lately the pacing isn’t bad. It does a good job setting everything up but moves along fast enough to stay interesting. On the downside there is very little excitement to the movie, but its never really boring either. If anything the movie suffers from being far to standard and basic, I’m talking white chick at a Starbucks wearing Uggs basic. As always thanks for joining me, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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