Dark Tower 6: Song of Susannah


At the end of Calla, Susannah disappears into another when and where, taken over by Mia. Mia is the demon who raped her and is pregnant with a diabolical child of Roland, The Crimson King, and Susannah to create the ultimate breaker, Mordred Deschain. Roland, Eddie, Jake, Oy, and Callahan have to push through the “Unfound” door, find Susannah and finish the last tasks before reaching this story’s finale.

Of all the series, I have the hardest time remembering book six the most. For the most part, I found it as a good bridge linking to the final chapter, much likeĀ Harry Potter and the Half Blood PrinceĀ in that regard. There is a heavy sense of dread once the second to last beam holding the tower up falls in the opening, making this book and next feel rushed because time is ticking. Book six starts to feel frighteningly real. Eddie and Roland meet a young Stephen King, which holy crap that’s meta. The heaviest part to me was Callahan and Jake hiding Black 13 under the Twin Towers. If you followed the series, pick it up, but in my opinion it’s definitely not the most memorable of the series but has some memorable moments in it. May the gaming gods be with you, and tune in for the Dark Tower’s epic finale.

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