Aliens Vs Predator (2010)


Well this game kinda bummed me out. I watched playthroughs for the earlier games in the series and was blown away by how true it looked. Get to this and…bummer. So we play a campaign as each race: Colonial Marine, Alien, and Predator. Of the three I’m going to straight up tell you Predator is best, followed by Alien, then the marine. The plot is basically the movie- there’s a pyramid underground and greedy intergalactic shenanigans ensue. From a story point I enjoy the story of specimen 6 in the Alien campaign best- a alien smarter than most that escapes captivity and kicks ass all the way to Queen status. Marine again is the worst.

Since I started with the Alien, lets just bang it out: it’s a stealth game. As an alien you are fast, crawl on walls and vents and have claws and tail at your disposal. I like the realism of being able to break lights for dark cover and the way your prey reacts to your growl and how not moving screws with them finding you via motion tracker. Many of your kills come from long, prompted stealth kills that look epic but sure as hell ain’t stealthy and ain’t fast. Good chance your “stealth kill” will get you killed. Your claws and tail are helpful to a degree but only against one, maybe two enemies at a time max. Movement is fast but can easily get disorienting and sometimes the controls are unresponsive which sucks. The final boss is two regular predators, followed by an Elite which all three are pretty wimpy; seriously they keep running from you while pot shooting with their shoulder guns. Remember the 5 D’s of dodgeball and you’ll be fine.

Predator, the best of the three campaigns. You play as an elite Predator hunting the fabled abomination that is the Predalien, which is the best final boss of the game. You have the wrist blades, shoulder gun, smart disc, and combi stick as well as proximity mines, voice changer, cloaking device, and three vision modes. I would have liked if the movement was a little bit more nimble but it’s fine. It’s the most fun in the game, stalking idiot humans and killing then again with horrific stealth kills that suck at stealth but these are quicker and frankly more badass. Sadly, it ain’t long.

Last is the marine. Gulp. You get a pistol as default and can carry two weapons at a time, plus flares, grenades, and motion tracker. So apparently you must be really badass because you can block the alien head on and actually shove them on there asses- sure and I crap solid gold. Seriously, after a while it starts to feel like a shitty boxing game invaded my FPS game. What about the predator you wonder, how do you stack up against him? Well you don’t. Literally the predator has less time in your campaign than Joker in Suicide Squad.  Also, strip club full of aliens- I’m not fucking kidding, a strip club full of aliens, poles, kinky music and strobe lights, the whole shabang. Final boss is Bishop…yep and pretty much it’s the dumbest boss fight I ever played.

Overall, you can skip this game but if you have to get it, least it’s better than Colonial Marines.

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