My Top 10 favorite DC villains- part 1

What measures a great hero? Is it the trials they face or the selfless choice for the greater good…or the enemy that tests them? A few days ago I talked about my favorite DC badasses, so now I want to go all out and cover my favorite villains. It’s a pretty big list so I decided to cut this review in half.  Starting from 10 to 7, listing each with there hero for the Dc newcomers out there, let’s begin.

hammond 10. Hector Hammond (Green Lantern)- This creepy bastard hates Green Lantern Hal Jordan with a passion. The handsome, charismatic, superhero has it so well; Hammond made contact with the power source of Abin Sur’s crashed ship, mutating him drastically. He now has telepathic and telekinetic abilities at the price of cripling physical malformation and delusions. What makes him a favorite of mine is how he feels a creepy desire to be Jordan and wants Carol Ferris sexually, pretty much the super perv of DC.

terra 9. Terra (Teen Titans)- this story is kinda sad. Once a Titan herself and romantically involved with BeastBoy, Terra betrays her friends for Slade. As her name suggests, she can control the ground and rock formations. Terra is a good villain for the simple fact for how much physical and emotional damage she causes the Titans and how she regrets the treason but continues.

black manta 8. Black Manta (Aquaman)- Aquaman’s arch enemy, I just find this character fascinating. Through out the years he’s had different origins, each strange and even controversial. A popular origin is Manta began as young autistic boy subjected to a test serum to cure him, succeeding but driving him mad and dangerous. His suit is adapted to deep sea for cold and pressure while increasing his strength and durability; his suit is weaponized with lasers and missiles and Manta is a powerful hand to hand fighter. Seriously, Manta with blades is a epic, bloody sight to see.

mr freeze  7. Mr. Freeze (Batman)- Freeze maybe one of the most tragic villains in all of DC. Victor and Nora Fries loved each other very much until Nora came down with a terminal illness. Victor, a cryo expert, put Nora under and in a sad turn Victor seemed to be killed in a accident. It mutated his body to where he can’t survive in any temperature under sub-zero so he built a armored suit to maintain himself, and designed the infamous freeze gun. Freeze is nearly emotionless, feeling only the desire to cure Nora. Everything he does is to restore Nora. He’s one of the few Batman villains that isn’t nuts or out for wealth or to destroy Batman, he’s there for his wife, almost not even a bad guy at all.

Rflash 7. Reverse Flash (Flash)- Eobard Thawne is the probably the biggest pain the Flash’s ass ever. In many versions, he’s the Nora Allen’s killer, leading to Barry’s father getting wrongfully imprisoned, setting off the rest of Barry’s life. Then we come to Flashpoint where he allows Barry to stop him, only to make the scarlet speedster responsible for the horrors that come, without the power to fix his mistake. What makes him a favorite is how damn determined he is to ruin Flash’s life, no matter how bad it rapes time and space and that’s badass.

To be continued…

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