Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

teen titans judas contract

After the sad disappointment and utter outrage over the Titans live action trailer I needed some sort of balance to bring me back to my nostalgic teen love of the show. the Judas Contract is one of there most famous storylines, done amazingly on Teen Titans discreetly over 3 seasons. Also in my My Top 10 favorite DC villains- part 1 post, I brought up Terra, who this story centers around. So what makes this a great story?

The Teen Titans are a group of powerful youths out to do good on the world. Led by veteran Titans Nightwing and StarFire, they are joined by Blue Beetle, BeastBoy, Raven, Robin, and Terra who are on a mission to thwart a religious zealot called Brother Blood and his rising cult. While the battle against Blood seems to be going alright, life ain’t easy for the Titans. Nightwing and Starfire announce there relationship to the group, Beetle is distanced from his family by the temperamental alien Scarab that grants  him his power, BeastBoy crushes hard on the rough, edgy Terra who Robin doesn’t trust. Robin’s suspicion turn out to be true when Terra and super badass mercenary Deathstroke take him out; together they have infiltrated the Titans with Terra as a spy, hired by Blood to dismantle them cruelly for his ultimate plan. Hearts are broken and the Titans face a threat from within…

The live action Titans should seriously learn from this movie. Like the early 2000’s show, there’s a well done balance between light and dark moments. The biggest plus is the characters are really well flushed out and the action scenes are pretty epic. I kinda wish Raven had more to do and I think Terra’s betrayal was done a lot better in the show but her back story is dark is hell. What I admire is the movie does go over some really dark shit but it does stay balanced. It’s a really good animated film that’s paced well I recommend checking out. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


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