Is Youtube Dying?


As many of you are aware Youtube has a new algorithm to help identify content that is not “advertiser friendly” so to speak. Now I can understand this, more advertisers means more money on the bottom line. Here is where the issue comes in, the algorithm learns on its own. It has also learned that gun violence is to be flagged. Now what this unfortunately unlike a human this algorithm doesn’t really see the difference between a guy shooting himself in the leg for views and people playing Destiny 2. Many people simply working hard and reviewing ┬ásome innocent game play are getting flagged for similar reasons.

This isn’t the only example of such things happening, a few Youtubers have had their “It” movie reviews have also been flagged, in fact horror movies and games in general seem to be taking a hit. But what exactly does this mean? Well many people have already decided to stop making videos until the problem is fixed. This will and has cost both content creators and YouTube money.

All that being said, YouTube will be fine. The algorithm will take time to fix, and I see no logical reason why it won’t be. YouTube wants to make money, and for that they need content creators as well as advertisers. Hopefully we find out soon, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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