Soma- day one


So in preparation for what we at Saviorgaming consider Christmas minus the presents and cheer, replaced by candy, drunk people, and gore I wanted to play a horror game I never played before. Months ago I got Soma off of a PS flash sale and kept it for just such a occasion. I briefly researched it before buying it and watched a couple of trailers. Soma is a first person stealth horror game made by Frictional Games, makers of smash horror hit Amnesia: the dark descent. We play as Simon Jarret, a man suffering from brain damage after a car accident that killed his girlfriend (?). During a new kind of treatment I guess, Simon wakes up in a isolated underwater facility full of busted down machines that are in pain. And there’s a mechanical beast lurking the corridors. So from my first experience I got a strange Alien: isolation / Bioshock vibe. Once underwater the environments were beautiful and tense. It’s definitely a “where the hell do I go” game and like Isolation, be prepared to hide and take it slow. Unlike Isolation, you have no kind of weapon to defend yourself with. I noticed being near the first monster, my brain started glitching out, before it caught me which was a creepy effect. So far it’s interesting and a pretty game to behold, but it’s only day one. Thank you as always for reading and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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