The Disappointments Room

dis room

Well, the title lives up to it’s name; I’ve seen reviews on YouTube for the this, all scathing and so I thought I might be that 1 guy that found something nice to say since I famously like many movies most people conventionally hate. Well, this sure as shit wasn’t the case here. This movie sucks.

So the Disappointments Room is about a family with the a troubled past is moving into a new house because the wife Dana (Kate Beckinsale) is a architect. Her husband stays home and plays XBox all day. ¬†We piece together the family of three used to be four but there baby died. Oh and typical ghost shit is happening to Dana and maybe there son Lucas too. She finds a hidden room one night and the ghost shit gets more intense but we start finding out Dana is probably crazy because we learn she tried to kill herself once and she decides to flush her meds down the toilet. She finds out the room was went for the original owner’s deformed child, who he killed with a hammer because people were total dicks back then. Oh and Havok from X Men is in this shit stack, and he tries getting in Dana’s pants with dialogue straight out of a porno but I’m pretty sure she just uses his ass for smokes…Ok, screw this movie. If it seems I half assed this review, well they half assed this movie. The acting is dogshit all around. The premise could have been really good and I do have a certain affection for those kind of stories abound freaks and deformed kids but that’s like an after thought throughout the movie. The “scary” shit doesn’t feel threatening at all and there are some dumbass jump scares when it seems nothing is happening. The ending is laughably bad too. Skip this stinky ass shit waffle of a movie and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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