October is Coming…


October is coming. In fact its a few hours away. For most people that mean very little. For me and Torsten, well we have what may seem to many a an odd tradition. You see many years ago we both worked at a place we both hated. ok well he still work there, anyway we decided one Halloween since we were both off we would go to his place order pizza and watch horror movies all day. That tradition a lasted our entire friendship. Now because of work and such some times it has fallen onto days around Halloween. Now what that means for all of you is simple. While we cover mostly games and horror movies anyways, but October will be full of horror movies from Nightmare on Elm Street to Stephen King and more.  For those reading it if you want to drop some request feel free and we will do our best to track them down and review those as well. As always may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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