Wes Craven’s New Nightmare (1994)

wes craven

Freddy is back in the final battle with Nancy. This time however it is quite a bit different from the other movies as Nancy isn’t Nancy. She is Heather Langenkamp. Wes Craven plays Wes Craven and even John Saxon plays John Saxon. Many of the characters play themselves as the lines between fiction and reality become blurred. Heather is dealing with a stalker while her husband secretly works on a new Freddy project that Wes is writing. Slowly but surely things start to take a strange turn as things on the movie set start happening, people working on the movie start dying and of course Heather’s son starts to have odd dreams.

The explanation for all this sounds really odd but it comes together very nicely, and while back in 1994 the idea that a Freddy movie would take place in the real world and acknowledge the others as movies to bring him into the real world as an entity that has existed for millennia sounded insane. However, Wes Craven created a movie that both gave us another Freddy movie while leaving past movies intact. May he forever rest in peace, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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