R.I.P Visceral Games

visceral games

This will be short and sweet, R.I.P Visceral Games. EA officially announced the crew behind the amazing Dead Space trilogy is shutting down. This brought me down pretty hard. Dead Space was a game that, as a horror fan and sci-fi nerd, delivered everything I could really ever want and did it with love. Another Visceral game I find really underrated is Dante’s Inferno. The dark but alarming adaptation made me rush out and find my own copy of epic poem. To me, Visceral games were a huge part of my PS3 experience and some of the last games to really inspire me.


R.I.P Visceral Games, you will be missed.


Author: torstenvblog

Writer of the strange and everything; lover of horror, literature, comics, and the alien is my spirit animal

3 thoughts on “R.I.P Visceral Games”

  1. Did’t they do the Dante’s Inferno game? That’s a shame, I love Dead Space and Dead Space 2. Although, Dead Space 3 was terrible. Maybe someone will pick the DP games up and bring it back to the horror realm.


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