Jeepers Creepers 2 (2003)

What happens when a bus full of jocks, a few cheerleaders and a couple nerds get trapped on a bus with a demon type monster attacking it? Watch this movie to find out.

The movie starts on a farm with a father, his older teen son and his young son doing some work. The young son discovers one of the scare crows he was hanging wasn’t a scare crow at all. Of course every 23 springs for 23 days it can eat and humans are the main course.

After the young farm boy, our high school jocks are next. First the coach, then the bus driver, then the assistant coach.

Every so often we switch back to the dad building something in the barn, just hammering away with no clear indication as to what it is. I mention this because the pissed off farmer and his son are important later.

After awhile of being tormented and the bus being flipped and some implied racism the teens are forced to make a run for it. A few are picked off by the demon until eventually our farmer hero arrives in his trusty pick up being driven by his son. What was dad building? A modified stake driver to throw harpoons. The final battle is on. Who wins and who loses? Truthfully the people watching the movie win. A fun movie with some deep thoughts and some nice action scenes. One that is absolutely worth checking out if you have the option. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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