5 Horror Movie Logic Mistakes?

This is just a simple list of 5 things about many horror movies never sat right with me.

1. Where are all the damn guns?

This is largely an American issue really. But I live in a country that legitimately has more guns than people and more ammo than people in the world just laying around. That isn’t even a joke. Many Canadians think we shoot them out of T-Shirt guns at ball games. We don’t, but we could. Yet most horror movies is missing any real gun supplies.

2. Why the hell does everyone split up?

I don’t even feel bad when these people die. Every horror movie some idiot decides hey, we are being hunted by some deadly monster/creature/beast or whatever. Lets split up. Because making things far more even for whatever is trying to kill you makes the most sense.

3. Why do so many people shoot deranged killers one time?

So here is the scenario. Some deranged psycho killer has murdered half your friends, and is coming for you. Why do so many killers shoot this guy/girl/thing 1 time then stop? If you ever find yourself in the situation don’t stop until the ammo runs dry people.

4. Looking for the creature?

This move always seemed like high grade stupidity. Whelp some random creature is attempting to kill everything. Our options are leave town, hide or go searching the wilderness or hospital or whatever for this thing. And they always pick the lets go searching option.

5. Sex.

Yea I’m not posting a sex scene sorry guys. But why do most horror movies seem to have one of two sex scenes. Either the early movie one that is fine because shit hasn’t hit the fan yet or the 2nd one. The 2nd one is always random and weird. Hey half our friends are dead, killer is running around or some demon is out there. Lets sneak off for a quick one and never be seen again.

So that is my list. Feel free to add or disagree and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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