Star trek outline (2nd opinion)

star trek online

In the end, I’m not a huge MMO fan but this game is pretty damn cool for FREE. Seriously, who doesn’t love free?

Pretty much you play as either Federation, Klingon, or Romulan and go on space adventures with your crew in your very own star ship. Gameplay splits between Mass Effect 1 style ground combat and space combat with your ship.

In my experience, the game is repetitive but fun as hell when you are in the mood.  I prefer space engagements, which are pretty damn sweet and look amazing. If you are a Trekkie, you’ll drool over all of the lore and familiar faces. There are times the game was a pain. Like I had a mission where the damn objectives glitched so I had to exit out but next day it went just fine. It’s pretty easy to level up in and there’s no game breaking microtransactions which is awesome. If you want to try a good, epic free game, definitely try out Star Trek Online. Live long and prosper.

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