Prey (day 1 preview)

prey preview

So after a bit of stupidity and some going around in circles, I scored my holiday Black Friday loot: Prey. A game I’ve been drooling over since I first watched the first gameplay trailers. I put maybe an hour into it and I have to say I got hooked, so since I’ve gotten hammered by the question how is it by people I know, I thought I’d just discuss my first impressions.

Essentially you are Morgan Yu (you can be male or female, I picked female for a Ripley vibe.) an employee taking part of a weird alien experiment on a space station, and the subjects escaped, multiplied, and have taken over. It’s about all I know so far.

First, visually this game is breathtaking to behold. Second, I get a heavy Dishonored feel for a lot of the game which is cool, beside some aesthetic similarities, the game is heavily about choices how you  approach obstacles. Moving feels as quick and fluid as in Doom. My favorite thing so far was fighting the Mimics so far. Tricky bastards move strangely, kinda like spiders but can sway like liquid or retreat and take another shape. Two at once can be a hassle to deal with without a gun. I really love the unknowing when it comes to these things, makes for a better immersion. I can’t really say anything bad yet but I’m damn excited to keep going. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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