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Some new things for Savior Gaming are here. The last few months we have had hundreds of new followers and readers from all over the world. Honestly many of you are from countries I bluntly did not know even existed. I had to look up Cameroon and Myanmar for example, and I am glad that every week I see you guys coming back. And don’t think I don’t see you Norway. Seriously if someone can hit up Antarctica we would have collected them all.

With that in mind we here at Savior Gaming have decided to create a Patreon site for those that would like to support us over there as well. That can be found here. Savior Gaming Patreon

For those that like more physical things like T-shirts and coffee cups and stuff, we do have a store where you can buy our logo on a shirt but will be adding more stuff if there is interest. That can be found here. Savior Gaming Store

As always thanks for checking this stuff out and taking the time to read all this, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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