Forgetting Sarah Marshall

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The other half of Get Him to the Greek, Forgetting Sarah Marshall is about a man trying to, you can guess, forget his now ex girlfriend Sarah Marshall. His plan of running away to Hawaii hits one tiny snag. Sarah and her new boyfriend Aldous Snow ( the same Aldous from Get Him to the Greek)

This actually gets even worse, see they actually share a hotel. Then they end up at the same restaurant. This is really just the last thing a guy wants. He can actually hear their sex life. To combat this he decides its time to take a yoga class. Which they are of course at. And they are both amazing at.

Things aren’t all bad for the poor guy, he make some new friends, meets a girl, finishes his musical about Dracula. The movie is pretty fun. The movie could have been better, but there are worse movies out there. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.



Author: Savior699

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