Battlefield 4

battlefield 4

Ah the memories.

Battlefield 4 is an epic ass multiplayer experience where you and a lot of people are dropped onto a massive map full of vehicles and breakable environments. Seriously, it’s mind blowing playing a map where you can blast the foundations of a skyscraper and watch the whole thing collapse or being on it when it does, leaping off, parachuting off with a grenade launcher into the water and jumping into a gunboat with your buddy. Even in the prison map, it is freaking awesome going into full scale war with over a dozen people, it’s freaking sweet. The weapons handle well and graphically for a 4 year old game, it looks and sounds great. I do have a couple issues though, like sometimes the matchmaking sucks- sometimes me and Savior or me and Sniper ended up all alone on a map all by ourselves and again, like Black Ops 3, I can’t give a rat’s ass about the campaign.

Overall, this is a great game to get lost in and my favorite I’ve played in the series. Definitely worth the $20 bucks and most of the DLC is free now so all the more reason. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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