5 games I have to finish

game pile

The picture above represents my gaming situation perfectly, dozens and dozens of games I either haven’t finished or even touched yet. In no particular order, here’s 5 games I started playing this year that I won’t finish by the end of it.

darksiders 2 1. Darksiders 2- this was a case of both loving the hell out of it and hating it at the same time. Usually the times I hated slowed it down hard for me until the other games choked it down.

dark souls 2 2. Dark Souls 2- of the 32 total bosses of Souls 2, I did manage to vanquish 21 or 22 of them so I got into pretty damn far. In fact, I actually got lost in the game, with no way to figure out where the hell to go. Oops.

ffx 3. Final Fantasy 10- I love and adore FFX. It’s beautiful, intriguing, and fun full of great characters and a huge, epic story… then I hit a boss battle. I have witnesses that watched me get my ass get dropped over and over again for 2 hours on the same boss and 8 other games later, poop.

download (11) 4. Resident Evil 7- Savior let me borrow it shortly after it came out and while I found it refreshing and creepy, I got stuck trying to find the damn shotgun. Seriously, that’s it.

prey preview 5. Prey- for the final spot, it was a close call between Fallout 4 or Prey but Prey I haven’t touched since the day one preview I wrote. Problem is it’s an involved game I have to devote a lot more time to it.

May the gaming gods bring you glory and shrink your own game piles.

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