Die Hard 2: Die Harder

die hard 2

So Die Hard was truly the greatest Christmas movie of all time, I think we can all agree, but how can we surpass it? Well, we can’t. But Die Hard 2 was pretty damn awesome all the same.

A year after the most hectic Christmas John McClane ever had, he’s at Dulles Airport waiting for Holly who’s coming in from LA to spend Christmas. But again John’s luck is shit as a rogue group of militants take over the airport, trying to free a drug lord in custody. Airport security tries to intervene but they suck and the “army” shows up but in the end it’s up to John McClane to beat these new terrorists, save the airport so Holly can land safely because John McClane kicks ass.

Is the sequel superior to the original? No, not at all. It feels kinda corny and the villain isn’t nowhere near as memorable but it’s still a fun action movie. Bruce Willis is still amazing as McClane and the action scenes are cool. Honestly, it’s a fun movie to watch with the family this Christmas and from us at Saviorgaming, happy holidays, may the gaming gods bring you glory, and yippie ki ay motherfucker.

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