Die Hard with a Vengeance

Die hard 3

I want to start this review with a special shout out to my Dad, Duke, who got me into Die Hard as a kid. My favorite Die Hard needs to be shared with my favorite badass..

So after the events of Die Hard (1988) and Die Hard 2: Die Harder , John McClane is in a pretty rough place. His wife and family left him, filthy and drunk as a cop in New York fighting to keep his job. After a massive bombing, the terrorist responsible has a demand: he wants to play a game with McClane, but he didn’t count on a good Samaritan, Zeus, saving him. This terrorist named only Simon is driven to kill McClane, putting him and Zeus  through insane scenarios while Simon carries out his own agenda, but it isn’t long before John realizes Simon’s vendetta goes  back to his first great adventure- Simon was Han’s brother.

Die Hard with a Vengeance is pretty much what a action movie sequel should be. Bruce Willis, Samuel Jackson, and Jeremy Irons give great performances. The action scenes are truly badass and for the first time in the series, we get a lot of different locations so nothing ever feels stale. What helps too is the chemistry between Willis and Jackson which carries the film. What I truly love about the first 4 Die Hard films is how beat to shit McClane is by the end. I can’t stand action movies where no one gets dirty, just maybe a cut or two; in Die Hard, you know John McClaine ain’t Superman and the tension mounts because he wins every fight by the skin of his teeth. I seriously recommend tthe third Die Hard as much as the first and with that: may the gaming gods bring you glory and yippie-ki-ay motherfucker everyone ( even though it’s not Christmas)

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