One Last Shot (1998)


One shot is a short film by Mike Clattenberg which most of you know from Trailer Park boys. It featured the characters Rickey, Julian and Mr. Lahey and told the story of Rickey and Julians last day together before Rickey moved to Vancouver.

At first I thought the movie wasn’t very good but I realized it wasn’t really fair to judge a 20-year-old short film shot by friends and 3 guys to harshly. Sure Clerks is basically a cult classic but that is equal parts genius and fluke to be honest.

One last shot was actually fairly well put together, the scenes make sense and for a black and white film the lighting is actually well done. At no point did I feel like the dark parts were overly dark or the light taking away from anything and the acting while a bit bland at times didn’t exactly feel stiff. It just felt like what it was, people who loved movies that wanted to make one and get some experience and honestly that showed. I have seen much higher production value movies feel less heartfelt and honest than this did. Its only 30 minutes and it very much worth checking out if you are a fan of his or the Trailer Park Boys (which I am not) best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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