Lately, researching for my latest writing project, I’ve looked back into the greatest terrors of film, book, and game. A while ago I did a countdown of 5 great horror games to scare the crap out of you. , for which here’s the link to, and covered it briefly. Now I want to get into more in depth and why it was amazing.

DeadSpace is the story of an engineer named Issac Clarke traveling to planet-cracker U.S.S Ishimura as part of a team to discover why they went silent. Issac received a video from his girlfriend and scientist, Nicole on board the derelict ship, that has him worried. After a disastrous landing, Issac’s crew begins discovering the grisly and disturbing events that took place on the ship after finding a religious artifact on the desolate planet of Aegis 7. Violence, insanity, and the rising of horrible Necromorphs- the malformed creatures made from the bodies of the crew. Suddenly Issac is alone, armed only with a few gadgets, some crafted weapons, and his space suit, he has to find Nicole while fighting the monstrous horde, religious zealots, and no help is coming…

Deadspace does amazing when it comes to sight and sound and building tension. Being in the vacuum of space, hearing nothing but the distant echo of your own footsteps beneath your deep breaths is scary as hell.Visuals like the man weakly bashing his brains out against the door is freaky as hell. Artistically I love the architecture of the environments,  the gory details of the creatures, and the vastness and dread of deep space. The game play is fun, simple, and close to RE4 with a few new twists. With all the means to dismember the Necromorphs, we still don’t feel too overpowered which is mistake the Resident Evil games made later. The story gets better as it goes, leading to a great twist at the end. The only real flaw I see is the final boss, which is epic in stature is kinda lame challenge-wise and there are some parts that are a real pain in the ass, especially Chapter 5. Issac is mute through the game which didn’t bother me but will probably bother some. In the end, I highly recommend the first DeadSpace and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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