Dead Space 2

dead space 2

How can you possibly amp up all of the madness of classic Dead Space? A massive new environment, crazier space exploits, and new characters help.

Issac Clarke has been found adrift in space and brought aboard The Sprawl, a massive space station. But he is not truly alone, being constantly haunted by Nicole and Issac tries to keep his sanity, until the unthinkable happens: Necromorphs are running loose on the Sprawl. Issac discovers he brought there to create a new marker for the Unitologists, the religious zealots that believe the marker is the key to bringing ll life together in perfect harmony. On the run, Issac meets feisty Ellie and fellow marker-victim Stross as they have to join together and stop the head of the station Tideman from unleashing the new marker.

Dead Space 2 could have been a superior sequel. In many ways it is. Much of the combat mechanics are either just as fluid or improved and small things have been added that I really enjoyed and appreciated like your objective tracker now being able to display the way to stores, benches, and save points too or your stasis module now having a nifty recharge capability built in. Space plays a much bigger part this time. You can blast windows and jettison yours foes into space, but watch out because if you don’t hit the shutter switches in time your ass is grass. Instead of jumping from point to point and magnetically walking around in vacuums like before, we now have have a personal flight system I found much easier, enjoyable, and damn epic than before. So what’s the catch? The story starts incredibly strong. In fact, its quite ballsy. But the horror dwindles about half way through and Nicole goes from being menacing to just plain damn annoying. The end boss is a lame ass gimme that brings you down a bit. I highly recommend Dead Space 2 but I doubt you will like it as much as the first. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


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