John Wick: Chapter 2

john wick 2

When are people going to leave poor John Wick alone and let the man be? Seriously, pissing John Wick off is bad for your health.

Picking up pretty much where the first left off, the epic assassin gets his car back in a badass display of awesomeness. Finally, with his new dog and his car back, he can pack away his guns and black suit once and for all. But alas, someone from Wick’s past returns, demanding a favor Wick owes him. Wick politely refuses and this dude blows his house up, destroying the last things he had to remember his wife. Mr. Wick doesn’t take take kindly to this but has no choice to do the favor, so after he can kill this jackass. But suddenly Wick finds the underworld of assassins becoming a enemy of itself as he finds a massive bounty on his head. Can John Wick take on the underworld and a huge crimelord at the same time?

John Wick 2 is freaking awesome, but like may sequels isn’t as good as the first. The movie continues with great performances, choreography, music, and effects while actually exceeding the first in the setting and cinematography. The story is a bit more complicated but rightfully so. My issue that keeps it from being on par with the first is the extent of the amount of assassins there are. Like hundreds of these bastards, and while it adds to the suspense it does jump the bullshit meter a bit. It’s not a huge grip though. I highly recommend this if you loved the first or you just like good action movies. May the gaming gods bring you glory and for the love of god don’t piss off John Wick.

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