John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum

john wick 3

When will the world learn not to piss John Wick off? After breaking one of the greatest rules of the High Table and killing on safe ground, John Wick has an hour before being ex- communicated and open for bounty and there’s an endless supply of assassins that want to cash in. Wounded, exhausted, and with nearly all his connections burned, it’s up to Wick to meet with the Elder of the High Table to cut a deal his hopes of making amends. However the Ajudgicator of the High Table is checking on Wick’s unlikely survival with her deadly enforcers, punishing all who defied the Table by aiding Wick to make it this far. Wick faces a choice as his future approaches, live as a slave or die holding what he loved dear; can he find the strength to beat consequence?

Like the first and John Wick: Chapter 2 , I loved the third, making an awesome trilogy. Reeves is once again a stoic badass with a heart. The action scenes are brilliantly done and never feel fake or CGI; I love that the series carries what I loved about old school action movies in the present day. The setting and characters are unique and once again the world is fascinating. It drags a little bit come the middle of the movie but picks right up by the end. I can’t wait for 4 but I hope 4 is where it will end, making it nearly perfect. If you love awesome action movies and cool stories, I highly recommend the 3rd chapter of Wick’s saga. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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