The Strangers

the strangers

There are few movies that ever really freaked me out. Strangers is one of those movies that kept me up at night and made me watch the shadows carefully, because you don’t know who maybe staring back at you.

Strangers is a simple story of a troubled couple going to a cabin in the woods. The guy proposed to his girlfriend at a friend’s wedding and she declined him, so well, there romantic getaway is screwed. Suddenly, late at night in the middle of nowhere, there’s a knock at the door. A young woman stands there in shadow and asks “Is Tamera home?”. Confused, they tell her no and close the door. Later, the couple argues and the dude walks out for air and not long after, the same woman returns, knocking. Only this time she doesn’t go away. Then the woman of the couple quickly discovers that she ain’t alone and calls her man back. Rushing home, it doesn’t take long before the three Strangers make themselves known and trap them there, playing with them, well, because they were home…

The movie is simple but effective as hell. The music and atmosphere adds a lot of tension to the loneliness but the Strangers themselves are eerie enough. They wear such simple masks but what freaks me out is that this movie isn’t about the couple being hunted, but being toyed with. The Strangers don’t attack until the very end, but they cut every chance they have to get away, knowing every route, always there. I highly recommend it with the lights off in a house alone. May the gaming gods bring you glory…and is Tamera home?


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