30 Days of Night: Dark Days

30 days dark days

Soon is my birthday and I feel kind of nostalgic, that being said one of my first reviews was for 30 days of night . I’m a huge fan of the graphic novel and I’m in love with the art and just the idea of isolation with these damn vampires.

The second book picks up with Stella, one of the last survivors of the massacre at Barrow. She wrote a novel of her account of the vampires, and that has made her a target. Stella has made it her life’s goal to out the vampires with a small group of experts. On the outside, she is a strong badass but she does mourn Eben after he sacrificed himself to kill the head vampire of the group in Barrow. Well, this sacrifice comes at a price because the head vampire’s main squeeze just so happens to be really feared vampire royalty…think Eclipse if it was gory, and actually awesome.

I have to say I enjoy Dark Days more than the first. It is longer and there is much more character development as well as a healthy dose of action. I didn’t see the movie for it but I can say if you liked the first, it’s worth checking out, and I have to say the end is really well done. May the gaming gods bring you glory and enjoy the sun.

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