Deadpool vs X-Force

deadpool vs xforce

Hey kids, you ever wonder how Deadpool met Cable? You ever wished the merc with a mouth fought in the Revolutionary War? Well, this is the story for you. Time Messiah, Nathan Summers- Cable gets visions of a terrible threat to the space time continuum. A prototype time machine was stolen from a seemingly grieving mogul by Deadpool, who was hired to go back through time and ensure America’s dominance for the future. So Cable enlists aid from Domino, Cannonball, Warpath, and Boom Boom of the X-Force to take Wade down. But despite Cable’s expert leadership, there combined training and powers, Wade Wilson is not so easily dispatched. Cable chases him through time as the X Force has to split and fight the wars without screwing there outcomes.

It’s a very quick read but it’s a fun read. The characters are pretty well flushed out so I would recommend this story to new comersĀ  as well as the long time fans. Sadly there are a lot of black censor bars, but in classic Deadpool fashion, they do make fun of the censor bars. In the end, it’s a fun adventure and it’s worth checking out. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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