Enter the Matrix

enter the matrix

Remember the early 2000’s when the Matrix ruled the world? Although I’m not the biggest fan of the movies, I do however think the games were fun as hell. For Enter The Matrix we play as Niobe and Ghost in a plot running parallel (I believe ) to Reloaded and Revolutions. Using a mix of hand to hand combat and gunplay, we get to slow time through the Matrix and take down cops, SWAT, and agents. While not perfect by any means, this game still has some really entertaining combat and graphically was pretty damn jaw dropping for the era. The driving portions can be fun but much of the time can be annoying as hell. There’s a car chase about halfway through where you have to follow a plan that almost made me rip my own hair out. Fighting is mostly button mashing and easy to master, which kind of kills any real threat the agents may have. The epitome of a review I can give this game is it’s fun but flawed but still worth checking out, especially if you loved the movies. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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