Expelled From Paradise (2014)

expelled from paradise

Expelled From Paradise is the story of what happens after humanity almost wipes itself out. Humanity now lives in two places, some on a barren Earth struggling to survive and the other in Deva in space living in cyber space. Living inside a computer program in a paradise of their own making in a world where everything they could possibly need or want.

When a hacker starts breaking into Deva security member Angela is sent to the real world and down to earth to discover this hacker and put an end to it. Upon arriving on Earth, Angela will take her Human for a test run by eating, well dirt. Then she will fight a bunch of bugs and meet the necessary male friend Dingo.

The movie is fun, looks good and is full of a few twist and turns that were quite fun and the late movie action scenes were great. The only real issue I had was at times the story could be predictable and the characters were pretty much stereotypical anime characters, tho they do work. That said it was still fun and most anime fans will enjoy it, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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